Turquoise waters and white sand

Turquoise and crystal clear waters, green landscape, and a special feature. What’s that? That this beautiful beach never has a wave. An idyllic place where you can find yourself travelling a distance of 2.5 hours from Athens. The beauty of the location and the specific beach will surely reward you. The reason for The beach Of Thapsa in Evia. A beach that will capture you from the first moment and make you come back in the future for a few more dives.

This beach is one of the those in Evia that stands out for its beauty. You will find blue waters and sand that looks like gold under the sun. The waters are cool and the beach stands out for a key reason: It never has a wave. This particular bay is protected in such a way that it gives to the beach a unique privilege.

What is not entirely easy it is the access to Thapsa beach. That’s because there’s a dirt road about 7 kilometers that will lead you there. The dirt road starts after a sign you will see on your street that says Chilaro – Thapsa. Be patient because you will surely be rewarded by crystal clear blue, almost transparent waters and white sand. A dream landscape.

A section of the beach is organized and you can of course sit there. However, there is plenty of space, due to the large size of the beach, so you can put where you want your fish and umbrella. Wherever you decide to sit, you will surely enjoy the sun and the sea.

A small paradise in Evia

Looking at the photos, one can understand why it is a favorite sandy beach and visitors do not count the kilometers but also the dirt road to get there.

It is indeed an earthly paradise that will fascinate you from the first minute. The turquoise waters and in combination with the green landscape create a dreamy setting that will be unforgettable.

Where exactly is the beach?

To see the exact location of the beach you can click HERE. To get there you have to start from Chalkida and head to Kimi. It is estimated about 95 kilometers distance from Chalkida and about 1 hour and 45 minutes.