A sandy beach ideal for families with children

It is not only a beach with sand and shade but also a beach with shallow waters near Athens. Especially those with small children looking for such a safe beach so they can enjoy the water and sand. Perhaps the most suitable beach for those looking for shallow waters is a sandy beach an hour away from Athens and specifically in Chalkida. Bournontas Beach. Literally a beach that no matter how much you walk, it doesn’t get deeper.

Before we went to this beach for our Sunday swim, we were informed that it’s not so… easy to dive on this beach since it isn’t deep. We had visited a similar beach in Syros, Galissa. But we didn’t imagine that there was anything like it in that close proximity to Athens. Bournontas Beach is like that. No matter how much you walk, the water barely reaches the knee. And you’re going to have to walk a lot to swim in deeper waters.

It is what we call a beach for children as they can play safely without the parents to feel any fear that the waters will be deep abruptly. It is also a very clean sandy sea, ideal for fun. At the advantages of this beach, apart from its shallow waters is also the fact that it has a natural shade that you can enjoy without having to carry your umbrella.

Generally on Bournonta beach, you will spend a beautiful one-day stay in a quiet place without many crowds. What’s certain is that the children will enjoy it.

Bournontas : The beach that no matter how much you walk does no get deeper1

How to get to Bournonta Beach

This particular beach, as we said, is located about an hour away from Athens and very close to Chalkida. You won’t have a hard time finding it, and you can see here where it is and how to get there. You will also find easily parking for your car.

The beach is ideal for a one-day excursion due to its close proximity to Athens but you can also book a weekend in the area. You will be able to find many accommodations and it will be an opportunity to do exploration to other beaches of Evia.

External photography source: Google Maps