Moments of relaxation in this corner of the Aegean Sea

Apart from the beautiful villages and the picturesque Chora (main town and capital), Naxos also has large and crystal clear-water beaches. They are ideal for families as most have shallow waters and fluffy sand ideal for kids to play. One such beach that remains unforgettable to the visitor is Agios Fykas. A real earthly paradise on the edge of Naxos. It is also an ideal destination for a quick dive at sunset. What’s certain is, that there’s no way you won’t enjoy your swim on this sandy beach. Agios Fykas, in Naxos, is a beach worth going with your friends or family.

The beautiful beach of Agios Fykas in Naxos

There are many beaches that are unknown to the general public, but if you visit them you feel that you see a scene of rare beauty, a landscape of paradise. One of them, then, is Agios Fykas beach. It is, in fact, a wind-free bay that is famous for its crystal clear waters and beautiful pebbles of varying shapes that inspire you to compose your own mosaic.

The beach is located in the northeast part of the island near Apollo village, about 35 km from Naxos Town. Access to the beach is by the ring road. You can leave the car on the side of the road and start a descent on foot, on a dirt track lasting about 15 minutes. It is recommended that visitors have sneakers.

Once you reach the end of the path, you see a beach of unique beauty, where you can enjoy swimming in its warm and very clear waters. You can also have a picnic and take a lot of pictures of the diverse pebbles that get your attention. The ideal time to visit Agios Fykas is in the early afternoon, for a quick dive.

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Don’t miss

After you take a nice swim and spend your time happily on the beach do not miss to make a nice stop. And we are talking about the beautiful and picturesque village of Apollo which is very close to Agios Fykas beach. There, you can enjoy your coffee and eat delicious and quality food.

Naxos is an Aegean island ideal for all kinds of visitors. May it be couples, groups or families. You will enjoy walking in beautiful alleys, swimming in crystal clear waters and eating tasty food made of local traditional products. And it is certain that, at some point, you will return.