Green landscape and dives in hot and in cold water

It’s a beach, but it’s called… River ( Potami). It has unique beauty and features that you will not find on another sandy beach. What makes it so special? Definitely because of the gorge and the waterfalls that there are and give an extra touch of coolness and idyllic scenery. Potami beach is located in Samos, it is very popular and if you are on the island you should definitely visit it and enjoy your swimming in its cool waters. More generally Samos is ideal for alternative and beautiful holidays away from the crowds and the noise. With either family or friends.

Potami Beach is one of the most popular beaches of Samos. You’ll find it near the famous Karlovasi and it’ll really excite you if you get there. Potami is a typical case of beach with natural beauty and special landscape. You will not easily find a beach with gorges and waterfalls.

You can stay there until the evening and even enjoy the sunset. You will find some umbrellas and sunbeds on the beach but you can always have your own equipment and sit anywhere on the beach.

So just above the beach you will see the big gorge. You’re only going to have to walk a mile to get there. We did it early in the morning and we didn’t get tired of the hot weather. We recommend that you do the same and, of course, wear your hat and have water with you. Once you get there you will see numerous waterfalls where you can even swim. There will be probably and some other people enjoying swimming at the same time Also, you will see a Genoese Castle which dominates the gorge in an idyllic green landscape.

Get a glimpse of the beach from above through youTube’s Haanity channel video.

Don’t miss

  • A visit to the beaches of Mikro and Megalo Saitani which are one of the most famous of Samos.
  • Make a visit to the chapel of Metamorfosis. A small temple of special architecture with unobstructed and unique views.

Samos is a large and different island. It doesn’t look like the Cyclades or the Ionian Islands. You will see beautiful beaches and green landscapes. Careful villages with picturesque and clean courtyards and fragrant flowers. It is also an island that is not characterized by crowds and noise. Holidays there mean relax and residents know what good hospitality means. We recommend that you have several days to visit as many places as you can.