The lilliputian corner that will offer you unique moments

It’s definitely not the most advertised island in Greece. Maybe it’s the least of all. You must have heard its name, but did you think about going on vacation there? The Arkoi. This small corner of the Aegean Sea that will enchant you with its simplicity and quietness. The little treasure of the Dodecanese worth getting to know this summer. And it may be tiny, but it actually hides more surprises than you can imagine. As long as you’re ready to discover them by exploring this wonderful island. Arkoi is the island of the Dodecanese which can be a pleasant surprise for your holidays.

August is the month that the island of Arkoi gathers most people. As many people as you can find on an island of 40 inhabitants. So when you get there you will have the opportunity to enjoy the quietness of an isolated and authentic island of the Dodecanese. On the island there are only two settlements, one of which is the beautiful and picturesque port. It is a small port at the bottom of a bay with many smaller rocky islands.

The other settlement is Pano Chorio. Arkoi is such a small island that you can go everywhere easily. Just think that you can be from the port in just 15 minutes at the top of the hill and the famous Panagia Pantanassa. In the port, you will find taverns, shops, and cafes to relax overlooking the endless blue.

Arkoi, the island of peace

And of course, you will choose this island if you want to take a peaceful holiday away from a lot of tourism. So you’re going to expect to find all the necessities, but not the big nightlife But isn’t that what you’re looking for? Serenity and swimming in sober and crystal clear beaches. Even if you don’t want to stay in the Arkoi for days, you can have Patmos as your base and from there take a one-day trip. Which is what a lot of visitors do.

Arkoi: Escape to the calmest island of the Dodecanese

Even administratively, moreover, the Arkoi belong to Patmos from which they are located 11 km away. Around Arkoii there are other smaller islands: Marathi, Smineronissi, Tsuka, Tsukaki, Abaptistos, Makronisi, Psathonisi, Kalovolos, and Nissaki.

What you shouldn’t miss on the island

  • A visit to the hill with the chapel of Panagia Pantanassa. It is the oldest temple of the island and from there you will enjoy a unique view of the Aegean Sea.
  • See up close the ruins of the old Italian observatory from the Second World War as well as the caves that used to shelter.
  • Swim at the famous beach Tiganakia. It is the most popular on the island and stands out for its transparent waters that look like a swimming pool. If you’re bold, try a dive from the rocks.

Source of external photography: My heart belongs only to Greece