A deserted and wooded beach in Attica

Attica has beaches for all tastes. Small and larger, organized or not with shallow or deeper waters. For the most part, they offer you a swimming experience in clear waters and relaxed moments to enjoy the sun and the landscape. Even more enjoyable is the swimming on beaches that offer natural shade. As is the beach of Agios Dimitrios in Attica. A beach where you will enjoy the shade of trees and most of the time you will not meet many people. Are you thinking to do something better this weekend?

Agios Dimitrios: The beach with its natural shade and the little crowds.

Agios Dimitrios is a small and sandy beach in Saronicos. It is located in the wider area of Kalyvia near Keratea, just 35 km away from the center of Athens. It is a beautiful and quiet spot. You will enjoy swim away from the crowds.

The particularly good thing about this beach is that it has natural shade of trees under which you can put your straw mat and towel. You will find parking very easily since it is not a beach that gathers lots of people even on weekends. It’s in a little cove of the Saronic that will win you over, especially if you like relaxing situations.

You can take a book and hang out under a tree and enjoy the sea and the beautiful view. Especially on weekdays the scene is more relaxed and you will find out for yourself .

Tip: The only downside, if we can call it that, is that in some places i there are rocks. We didn’t know that the first time. Since then we have with us sea shoes and bathing in the relatively warm waters is always a delight. The sound of the leaves of the trees is unforgettable.

The beach in Attica with trees that usually has no people

Photo Source: Google Maps

How to get to Agios Dimitrios in Attica

Access to this beach is not difficult at all , and parking as you will find it very easy To find easily the beach of Agios Dimitrios in Attica, you can click HERE to find it on the map.

What is certain is that Attica offers options for all tastes. By exploring it you can discover small beach gems that will make you enjoy every weekend as if you’ve gone somewhere far away. All you have to do is to be in a good mood for getting to know new places!

External photography source: Google Maps