Ideal destination for your next Sunday escape

You’re looking for where to go on your next one-day trip to Athens and you feel like you’re going to end up in the same thing again. And yet, Attica has more options than you think. From mountain villages to unknown fishing villages. One of them is a breath away from Athens and its in Megara. The reason for Pachi, a different place in Attica

The unknown to many Pachi Megara in Attica

Pachi is located in West Attica and specifically south of Megara, on the coast of the Saronic Gulf, opposite of Salamina. In the same place was the ancient Megarian city, Nisaia. Opposite of it are two islands, the Small and Large island of Pachi.

Pachi is a beautiful authentic fishing village since its inhabitants are mainly engaged in fishing. Having travelled a distance of just 30 minutes from the center of Athens you will have a beautiful day. We recommend you go sunday. You will find all the cafes and restaurants open. A few kilometers outside the center of Megara you will have a relaxed café overlooking the sea and the fishing boats. You will also eat fresh fish directly from the Bay of Saronic.

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Don’t forget

If you get to Pachi, there’s one more thing you need to see. Climb the beautiful hill of Agios Giorgis with the homonymous church of the 17th century enjoy the unique view that stretches in front of you. An image you never thought you’d see in Attica, so close to Athens. Your eye cite will be lost in the blue of the Saronic Gulf. On the eastern side you will see four islands which the ancients called Methourides and also you will see Salamina. On the northwest side you will see the sun disappearing behind the Gerania Mountains and the Paliokastro.

How to get to Pachi

It’s a very simple and easy ride. By car you go out to the 2nd exit to Megara heading to Corinth and turn left towards Pachi. Once you arrive you can park your car either on the road as you enter Pachi, or after entering the village and follow the road to the left where there is a large municipal parking lot.

Pachi is proof that Attica has many places to escape all year round. You can spend your Sunday either in a park or hiking on a mountain in Peneli, Parnitha or Ymittos. On the other hand, if you like the sea, then you still have a lot of options for escape. From Lavrio and Rafina to Megara and Pachi. Where you will still find authentic places with traditional cafes and taverns with genuine Greek appetizers. You’ll take your Sunday walk and come back full of energy and sea breeze until your next escape so close or a little further away…