This week I’m filming Parnitha, and specifically at the Monastery of Cleiston. Another secret of Attica that I will explore!

Within the core of the Parnitha National Park,on its southern side, there is one of its many water secrets. And that’s what I intend to find out, after I stop at the Monastery of Cleation. I meet a small chapel, Agia Paraskevi and start hiking to the heart of Parnitha.

How to get there

The traffic in the morning is sparse. If you start in the morning and cross the road with the taverns in Hasia you will reach the Fili. After a few turns, you get the feeling that you are hours away from the city, in the arms of nature, while in fact it’s only been 10 minutes since you left behind the last houses of the urban neighborhoods.

in the morning chill,i made a small stop in a small corner bakery. The smells <broke my nose>. Bread hot, freshly baked cookies, nuts, cheese pies and warm smiles. I stock up on fluffy hot bread and buns and continue for the mountain.

The Monastery of Cleiston

It may be called the Monastery of Cleiston, but it is open to pilgrims every day. A monastiraki 4 km from the Fili, which stands above the southern entrance of the gorge of Keladona or Gouras, which runs through the stream of Giannoula. The Monastery of Cleiston took its name precisely because it is enclosed by mountain peaks. Dedicated to the Assumption of mother Merry, today it is a women’s monastery. The view to the gorge and the pilgrimage to the opposite hillside is impressive.

But your trip doesn’t end there.

Get back on the main road and in three kilometers, turn right. In about 500 meters you will find a landscaped recreation area, with spring, running water, streams, an outdoor theater. The place in Agia Paraskevi keeps the name from the opposite chapel. From there you can get into the arms of the forest, leading to a wide well-pressed forest road, for about 3.5 kilometers, until you find the prohibitive stop from the forestry authority.

It’s hiking time. The best 4X4 is done on foot.Just 500 meters from the stop, there is a small miracle of nature, in the heart of Parnitha. Fill your bottle from the waterfall, listen to the chirping of the gurgling waters and enjoy nature!