How to have fun without going far…

While the swims at sea are slowly coming to an end, autumn excursions are becoming more and more tempting. And Attica is ideal for escapes closer or farthest. Whatever type of excursion you want, you will surely find a way to have a good time in one of the nearby and beautiful destinations for a one-day trip. We, in give you some ideas for a one-day trip close to Athens to have a good time and welcome winter more casually.


A beautiful place that you will enjoy it every time. Nafplio is the nearby destination you choose over and over again for your one-day trip. It’s a beautiful city that offers you everything so you can have a good time all day long. You will enjoy your coffee in a picturesque square and walk on the main pedestrian street of Vasilios Konstantinosand you will admire the neoclassical buildings, monuments, and statues. And of course, you’ll end up dining in one of the many beautiful taverns in town. You go back to Athens with full batteries and beautiful pictures and flavors.


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Parnitha is the classic Sunday walk in Attica that everyone loves. You will spend a day full of exploration in the small forests, talk to the children about the trees and the animals that you will see there and you will fill your lungs with fresh air. Don’t miss the opportunity to organize family hikes on the various trails. Parnitha will be the perfect place to spend your Sunday there. And in additional Parnitha will be an ideal destination for all seasons of the year as you can always see and do something different there. The main point is: That you come closer to nature!


If you need a little more breeze from the sea but you don’t want to get too far away and you don’t feel the need to take a dive, then Lavrio is waiting for you. It’s an ideal destination for a relaxed last-minute getaway that will fill your batteries and relax you. The area stands out for its neoclassical buildings but also for the taverns with its fresh fish. It moves at calm rhythms, it is not crowded and you’ll find reasonable prices whatever you choose to do. And of course, you will enjoy the view of the sea.


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Or else the mountain which is so close. A Sunday walk in Penteli It’s an all-time classic option you never regret. Why choose Penteli? Because you will walk, fill your lungs with fresh air, explore paths, and enjoy the beautiful view. In the end, you can go to the squares of Nea or Old Penteli for coffee and food. Penteli is very close even from the center of Athens since you need about half an hour to get there.

The one-day trips close to Athens in autumn are the best choice to get away from everyday life and spend some relaxing moments!