A quiet beach so close to Athens

The beginning of autumn is the ideal time of year to take the last sweet dives and prolong this feeling of summer for a while. And Attica offers many options and even closer than you think. The beach is located just an hour away from Athens. It is the Golden Moon at the southern end of Attica. A small beach and not particularly well known in Attica. This means it will offer you a quiet swim experience, away from the crowds and the city’s mess. A swimming trip in September that’s worth doing…

Bath on the Golden Moon, the unknown small beach in Attica

On the beach Golden Moon, two bays are actually joined and embrace a small peninsula with special rocks and veins of minerals. It is a small beach in a quiet environment that will tempt you to sit there even until the sun goes down.

As soon as you arrive you will see a sandy beach with very clear waters. You will be impressed, by the fact that it is not so well known the beach even it is so beautiful. The waters are shallow and at an ideal temperature to make your swim nicely even until the beginning of October. This is not an organized beach, which means you have to bring your own equipment if you want to sit as many hours as you want.

Golden Moon: The unknown small beach in AtticaPhoto Source: Google Maps

How to get to Golden Moon Beach

This sandy beach is one of the beaches close to Athens that you will not have any difficulty to approach. If you don’t find traffic, you could be there in less than an hour. You’ll park easily and dive into the crystal clear waters in a few minutes. And it is sure you will visit it very often for many years. It is also ideal for families because of its shallow waters.

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