One of the secrets of Attica is Lake Beletsi.

The jeep owners who drive around from those places they do know. A small paradise is Lake Beletsi, located on the northeast outskirts of Parnitha, under the homonymous peak, on the border of the settlement Hippocratic state.

How to get there

Lake Beletsi is about 30 km from the center of Athens. The route is very easy, quite beautiful, and even more economical if you drive there with a car that uses natural gas. So we take the Athens-Lamia National Road and turn left at the junction of Afidnon. We cross the settlement from Agia Triada Street and we reach our destination!

My route from the center of Athens to Lake Beletsi was ecological and economical as the car we drove burned only 3 euros in fuel!

Lake Beletsi

Lake Beletsi, at an altitude of about 600 meters on the eastern slopes of Parnitha, in the Hippocratic State of Afidnea, took its name from the homonymous peak. It has another name with two versions. It is also called a kithara lake, from its shape, but it draws its name also from the homonymous source, in the former royal estates, which feeds it with its waters. It was created by mistake. In the mid-1970s there were works on a forest road that would connect Agio Mercourio with Afidnes. The water flow was fenced at the digging and the lake formed.

What can you do?

Lake Beletsi is ideal for different activities. You can get a book to read in the fresh air and silence. Or you can’t open a page and lose yourself in the ducks, the geese, the swans. You want to have a picnic, there are landscaped spaces for it. If you have a bike, you can ride, it’s got nice rides. A stop is imposed at the chapel of Agios Merkourios, in a green landscape. Even if you don’t go with supplies and you’re hungry, no problem. There is the settlement of sfendali, with the beautiful train station and the tavern that is on the back side. Take a look.