A historic monastery close to you

It is the most famous of all the monasteries of Ymittos and has been declared the Historical Garden of Europe by the European Union. Along with the magnificent forest that surrounds it. It is, also a great escape destination. It is the Monastery of Caesariani. When you walk on the longest mountain of Attica you confirm that Athens and generally Attica, they can and they have a special place in your heart. A dreamily walk all around the year.

One of the most beautiful Byzantine temples in Athens

Dedicated to the Assumption, built at the end of the 11th century AD, the Monastery of Caesariani is located at an altitude of about 350 meters, in an idyllic environment. Interesting is the dining room of the Monastery, with the fireplace, the food storage area, and the monks’ dining area. The inner enclosure is crossed by a small marble irrigation groove. Rainwater from the roof through a gutter falls into the groove, which crosses flower beds and continues its course outside the walls of the Monastery. After the underground tank is filled, it ends up in the orchards of the Monastery.

There’s a network of trails to walk around the forest.

Just above the Monastery, there are places to sit, and to listen to the sounds of nature. A few meters away from the ancient source of Kalopoula, one of the three sacred springs of Ymittos, is the refreshment room of the municipality of Caesariani. The living rooms above and around the small open tank that gathers the spring water, and are ideal places for picnics. It is a reference point for hikers and cyclists. After a nice walk in the Monastery of Caesariani with aromas and colors, go to Kalopoula to complete your walk, enjoying a coffee!

How to get there

To reach the Monastery of Caesariani from the center, you can move from the main roads. That is, from Vasilissis Sofia, Mesogeion, regional Karea and at the junction of Caesariani you pass by, and you arrive. Fifteen minutes is enough to get you to this amazing place. Have a good time…