The retro neighborhood of Athens with its warm atmosphere and sweet flavors

In the heart of Athens, there is a small and picturesque district. Very well known and also very friendly. At Psyrris you can walk all year round, every day of the week, and bring to mind pictures of the Old Athens. Beautiful picturesque buildings, but also small shops, are waiting for you to make you feel like you’re in your own neighborhood.

The neighborhood of Psyrris and its history

The district of Psyrris is perhaps the smaller in Athens and is located in the historic center of the capital. It is considered to be one of the oldest, if not the oldest district of Athens. It basically spreads around Psyrri Square or as it is known by its other name, Iroon (Heroe) Square, where the five most important streets of the district are connected, and which are none other than Miaoulis street, Karaiskakis street, Agioi Anargyri street, Aristophanes street and finally Aeschylus street.

The first time the name Psyrris is mentioned is in the book of the French doctor Spon entitled “Journey to Italy, Dalmatia, Greece and the East” in 1678, in which it is presented as one of the eight squares of Athens. The etymology of the district’s name is not certain nor is it determined. However, it is most likely that the word Psyrri(s) means Psarianos (from Psara Island) and comes from the olden names of the island of Psara.

Strolling around Athens, in the neighborhood of Psyrris

A district that has has had its good and bad times. Yet it always retains to its retro style. Which takes you back to decades past. If you’ve lived in them, you recollect them. If you haven’t, you might give anything in order to be transfered back in timefor a while. Nowadays, it is a hangout for many Athenians and an ideal choice for a walk in the center of the capital. Is this due to the companioship style it has? The many options in food and dessert stops? Maybe all of them.

Starting from a Sunday morning coffee in Iroon Square, to the stylish night shops of the everyday evenings, the district of Psyrris always offers you many a good choice.

In case you are a fan of candy, then are at the right place. This is definitely the district with the best sweet shops of the type in Athens. From Nancy’s Serbetospito (house of the very sweet drinks) and Psyrris’ Serbetia (very sweet drinks) to the “Little Kook”, you will taste flavors you cannot easily forget. Tarts, cakes, chocolate pies and a hundrends of delicacies that will give you a dreamy afternoon.

It is of no coincidence that Psyrris neighborhood has become a hangout. Walking the streets, you can stand and stare at some of the last neoclassical buildings in Athens. You’re going to take photos in retro corners and, when you’re hungry, you won’t know where to go first. At the “Crust” with the famous pizza, at the “Bistroteque Transistor” or at a snack shop for these snacks that we know and love. Whatever you choose, I’m sure you’ll be happy.

The alternative side of the neighborhood

The neighborhood of Psyrris stands out in Athens for another, more alternative side. There you can see up close the authentic street art which is ubiquitous in the streets and alleys of the neighborhood. One of the most well-known art spaces, if you are a fan, is The Alibi Gallery at 12 Sarris street, which often organizes individual or group exhibitions focusing on “street art”.

Have a good mood, good company and go down to the center at Psyrris. Either in the morning or in the evening is irrelevant This neighborhood never sleeps…