A blue-green diamond 1.5 hours away from Athens

There are small and large beaches in Greece, others more and others less well known. Some are particularly popular despite their small size. They win over visitors with their turquoise and crystal clear waters. One of them is Arvanitia beach in Nafplio. A unique beauty scene that enchants you from the first moment. A small diamond within walking distance of Athens that is worth getting to know and swimming in its waters.

Apart from a beautiful city, Nafplio is also a destination where you can find crystal clear waters for swimming. Such as Arvanitia beach, the most popular in Nafplio, A small area of beach (about 200 meters) which is shocking beauty. The waters of the beach are crystal clear and even awarded with a Blue Flag. It is amazing what you are going to see when you will be there! What’s certain if you want to find a spot to put your umbrella, be early there..

Of particular interest is the name of Arvanitia beach. According to the legend the beach was named after the great slaughter of Albanian mercenaries in 1779. It is said, in fact, that Captain Pasha deceitfully raised them to Palamidi and from there knocked them to the sea..

How to get to Arvanitia Beach

Arvanitia is a beach within walking distance of Athens. More specifically, as you get into your car, in 1.5 hours from the center of Athens you will be in this heaven on earth. It is located just below Palamedi and specifically under the bastion Themistocles. You can see exactly where it is by clicking HERE.

Arvanitia is the most beloved beach of the inhabitants of Nafplio. What’s certain is that if you’re there even once, it will be your favorite!

Don’t miss

After swimming on the beach, enjoy your coffee in picturesque Nafplio and try local recipes with ouzo or beer. The perfect way to finish your one-day trip. One of the beaches near Athens that you will love it…

See stunning images of the beach from above through the Video of the Up Drones channel on Youtube.