Agios Nikolaos, an hour away from Athens.

Attica is ideal for one-day excursions either closer or further from Athens. As long as you have the patience to look before you take your first dives so you don’t always fall for the same all beaches. And the truth is, you have a lot more choices than you can imagine. Beaches small or larger, with sand or pebbles, cosmopolitan or more deserted, organized, and ready to welcome you with your own supplies. Somewhere there’s a diamond that you’ll definitely fall in love with at first sight, just like we did. It’s Agios Nikolaos beach!

Agios Nikolaos: the diamond in Attica

You won’t have a hard time finding this beach in Attica and you’ll need about an hour to get there. You can click HERE to see the route and how you will easily get there as it is located between Anavyssos and Sounio. At Agios Nikolaos beach you are waiting for clean, crystal clear waters and a lot of space to choose where to sit.

Agios Nikolaos beach is a place that is ideal for groups, families, and couples. And no one bothers the others mainly because of the extent of the beach. In fact, when you arrive you will have two bays and you can choose whether you want without facilities or with the beach bar. Or go a little on either side.

Agios Nikolaos beach is named after the chapel that is there and where you may have gone for a wedding or christening [Orthodox Baptism]. A chance to get to know the carefree and relaxed side of the particular spot. One thing is certain, you will be thrilled and your one-day trip will become one of those that you will repeat in the future.

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Agios Nikolaos beach in Attica also has a beach volleyball and beach soccer area for those who like to have fun in this way, on the beach! External photography source: