An Overview Of Crete

Crete: A Heaven on Earth

Greece’s largest island is named “Crete”, it is the birthplace of the Minoan civilization and it has everything, from spectacular nature, ancient treasures, picturesque villages and full of life cities.

In this heaven on earth you will enjoy  stunning gorges, gorgeous beaches and quiet villages.

Also, Crete is known for its gastronomy, the local products will remain unforgettable to you. So do not miss  the chance to visit Crete, as for your accommodation, in Crete there are great options.

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The Architecture of Crete

Cretan architecture: A combination of the modern and the traditional

Crete and its architecture has been occasionally influenced by the conquerors. Many of the villages have remain traditional, and many people till now prefer to live this way.

In Rethymno, Chania, Heraklion and other smaller cities and villages, can anyone admire the combination of traditional and modern architecture.

Finally high-value services are providing traditional villas to rent.

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Towns & Villages

Cretan towns and villages: unique beauty and hospitality

By your first step in Crete, you would be surprised by the beauty and the uniqueness of the island. Οne would say, that the island’s towns and villages have a character of their own.

You will love this island, but you will  be enchanted by the Cretan hospitality.

One thing you should try is to explore the huge island, and visit less touristy villages, for your stay in Crete you’ll find rentable houses and villas for every taste.

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Heraklion Region

Heraklion and its archeological treasure Knossos

The biggest city of Crete is Heraklion, the treasure that Heraklion held is the archaeological site of Knossos, every visitor should go to Knossos.

It is located 8 kilometers south of the city,also nearby the Heraklion there are traditional villages and many important sights to see, further you can move with the low-price intercity buses.

it’s sure that Heraklion has plenty of beautiful beaches and for your accommodation also there are many options.

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Chania Region

Chania: A world famous tourist attraction

The Chania region is located at the western part of the island and is just 7 km away from the port of Souda and about 14 km away from the Daskalogiannis Airport,

The town of Chania and especially the old town will amaze you with its architecture,its narrow alleys and the wonderful Venetian port.

Also Chania region is world famous for its beaches, its gorges and the picturesque villages. In Chania you should book early for your stay.

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Rethymno Region

Rethymno: An amazing region to explore the central part of the island

Rethymno is located at the north coast of  Crete and it is the third largest town of the island. It is a good option if you want to explore the central part of the island, also at it’s region you will find spectacular monasteries,gorges and beautiful beaches. Finally there are great options for your accommodation.

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Lasithi Region

Lasithi: Α cosmopolitan and yet quiet place for exciting holiday.

Lasithi, is located at the eastern side of Crete, it is ideal for travelers who want less cosmopolitan holidays or more quiet.

Also if you choose to explore it you will not regret it, due to it’s natural beauty and it’s isolated beaches and of course the picturesque villages. In Lasithi region you will find villas to rent for every need.

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The History of Spinalonga Island

Spinalonga: The deserted leper colony island

Spinalonga is an island with an interesting history and it is located opposite the coast of northeast Crete, for years it was used as leper colonies. Moreover it closed in the middle of the last century.

You can reach the island on a boat trip and view the remains of the leper houses and other community buildings, and imagine what life must have been like there.

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