Greece is full of churches, large temples, and chapels in the most strange places. Each one is special and some of them need to be approached in a special way like by boat or by taking a long hike. There is also a special Greek church that probably belongs to the most strange one in the world.. And it’s in fact so. The images speak for themselves and you can see why we believe it’s so special. It is Agia Fotini located in the valley of Ancient Mantineia in the Peloponnese. A true architecture diamond that you can easily visit and have your own opinion.

The Greek church that is one of the most strange in the world

Now, why is Agia Fotini considered as one of the most strange churches in the world? It is a special architectural building that does not look like anything else. And indeed you don’t see anything like it anywhere in Greece. In fact, you cannot classify it in any particular architecture, and in a strange way, it combines elements of ancient Greece with the Christian spirit. An inspiration that took shape from its creator who is an architect and painter. And we’re talking about Costas Papatheodorou.

Agia Fotini Mantineia is a temple located opposite the archaeological site of Mantineia in Arcadia. It is a creation of particular, admittedly aesthetic, which does not have a typical way of construction. More specifically, it combines Byzantine elements with other ancient rhythms in a special way. It is by no means a coincidence that it has stood out worldwide as a building and has been described as one of the most strange churches in the world.

The church began to be created around 1970 and was completed within three years. But how did this temple come to be built? The order for the temple was made by the Mantineian Association. They were looking for an architect to design a magnificent and special temple. Even today the choice and plan of this architect are considered by many people to be extremely revolutionary.

How to get to Agia Fotini

It’s worth it to see this temple up close, but you have to plan it right. This is because the church of Agia Fotini is not located on the main road. It is built opposite the archaeological site of Ancient Mantineia, in the valley. If you reach Tripoli things are simple since the church is 13 km north of it.

The video from Up Drones gives you a picture of this special church…