Diakofti Village and Beach

Diakofti: A quiet village with an impressive white sand beach

Anybody who visits Kythera, will understand why the island is ideal for relaxing holiday.

If you arrive by plane, you should take a drive around 13 km to reach Diakofti village and beach. but be sure the result will be unexpectedly impressive.

Next to the main harbor of Kythera, on the northeastern side of the island, you will find the wonderful beach of Diakofti, a quiet village with traditional houses. A white sand beach with shallow turquoise waters will amaze you.

At the seaside taverns you will enjoy fresh fish and try seafood and traditional Greek dishes. Also at Diakofti you will have the chance to visit the shipwreck.

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Kaladi Beach

Kaladi: A wonderful atmospheric beach

Southern of Diakofti and about 13 km  by car you will meet the Kaladi beach, nevertheless to reach the beach you will have to drive for 1.5 km on a dirt road. After this you should  walk the 120 stone steps until the beach.

Because of the beach is not organised, at the parking you can find a canteenwhich runs until early in the afternoon, from which you can buy all you need.

It is a pebbly beach with turquoise clear waters, divided into three parts which makes a unique and atmospheric landscape for swimming and relaxed  momments.

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Chalkos Beach

Chalkos: A crowded and beautiful beach

Chalkos is a small beach located to the most southern point of the island. It is about 19 km from Aroniadika and about 25 from the Airport of Kythera. It is a very popular beach, so it is often crowded but there is enough space to sit and to park your vehicle.

You should take an irregular path to reach the beach, when you reach you can see the beauty of this beach. It is a beach with sand, pebbles and deep blue waters, also it is well organized with umbrellas and sunbeds which is the main problem for all of us.

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Melidoni Beach

Melidoni: The wonderful red sand beach

Melidoni is located on the northwestern part of the island and it is about 17 km from Aroniadika. To reach this wonderful beach which shapes little creek, you must drive a 3 km dirt road, or you can approach the beach by boat from Kapsali port. It is one of the most beautiful beaches of the island due to its red sand and its thin pebbles.

The Melidoni beach is organized with umbrellas and sunbeds which you can hire, finally there is a snack-bar to the beach which organises beach party day and night.

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Kapsali Village and Beach

Kapsali: A cosmopolitan village with magical beach

Kapsali village is located at the southern point of the island, it is 17.5 km away from Aroniadika and about 27 km away from the airport. This picturesque village has everything you need, from fresh fish taverns to many cafes and bars for your entertainment.

Also, there are some sights that you should not lose, such as theVenetian castle and the monastery. At Kapsali’s sandy beaches can anyone enjoy water sports and relax to its small and beautiful cafes, the magical landscape of the mountain and the cosmopolitan village life attracts visitors.

Do not forget that in Kapsali you will find many choices for your accommodation.

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