A… fragrant destination for diving

Small and large coves make up an area that can take pride in having beaches on its shores for all tastes. It’s in the southeast of Attica. So there, next to the center of Athens, there is a beach that stands out for its turquoise waters and its aromas. The reason is: Thymari beach next to Athens in Attica.

Thimari: The beach with the turquoise waters

This special beach, Thymari, is located just 55 km southeast of the center in Athens. It is the ideal destination for those who love the calmest situations and are not interested in organized and multi-purpose beaches. The name of the beach is not random. The settlement is named after the countless thymes that exist on the slopes and in some places reach the beach.

Its first -periodic – inhabitants were the Sarakatsani farmers who maintained their farms while later the Phokiani refugees became the first permanent residents. Everything changed when the coastal road was built and brought the surrounding areas closer to Athens and its inhabitants. Thus, since 1965 the first holiday- beach homes were built.

thymari beach attica

As soon as you come down the stairs that lead you to the beach, the view will reward you perfectly as well as the swim in the turquoise waters! Two coves – one with pebbles and one with a longer sandy beach – are waiting for you to swim and enjoy the quiet. Just watch the rocks in the water.

Thimari: The beach with the turquoise waters 1 hour from Athens

How to get to Thymari

Thimari beach is located after the beach taverns of Palea Fokaia and is only an hour away from Athens. First, as soon as you pass the hole of Karamanlis in Agia Marina begins a beautiful streak of areas and beaches. Lagonisi, Saronida, Adavissos, in turn, offer you morphological, and coastal ,different flavors. Right after that, it’s thimari, when you see it, you’ll love it right away. In order not to get confused, you must be careful not to miss the sign “Thimari” and the camouflaged road.

Thimari is the beach that makes you love Attica and Athens all over again. A place that reminds you how close the places are that make you feel like you’re on vacation. After your swim, you can also enjoy a relaxing walk or a romantic walk against the backdrop of the blue of the sea and the sky. A one-day <thyme-scented> getaway makes everything look better.

External photography source: Google Maps