The island that surprises those who want something special

It is one of the least popular but otherwise favourite islands for those who love alternative vacations. It is not particularly large but it has special characteristics which are due to the imposing volume of Mount Saos, else called Moon, with a hight of 1611 meters. It is not unfairly called the island for alternative vacations. This is because it uniquely combines mountain with sea and a natural landscape that many other more famous islands would envy. We are talking, of course, about Samothraki with its special beaches used for alternative vacations!

The beautiful island of Samothraki is an alternative destination. You certainly won’t go there for a frantic nightlife and the multitude of secular shops. However, in Samothraki, you will have the opportunity to enjoy your vacations in a way you never imagined. In a rare but absolute harmony with nature and the blue colour of the sea. And all this against the backdrop of the wild beauty of a green mountain. These are the holidays that will be unforgettable for their simplicity but also for their alternativeness. There you will swim in crystal clear waters and dive into natural pools that are created by waterfalls.

Samothraki is world-famous thanks to the famous statue of Niki of Samothrace. It was found on the island in 1863 and today adorns the Louvre Museum in Paris, France. Moreover, it is also known from the Kaveiria Mysteries which took place on the island during antiquity times. Since then, Samothraki has been considered as one of the most important worship centres of the ancient world.

In Samothraki, you will arrive by ferry from the port of Alexandroupolis or Kavala. From there, you will be in the main port of the island, called Kamariotissa, in no time.

The best beaches of Samothraki

All the beaches of Samothraki are special. But some will certainly win the hearts of visitors. See three of them…

Vatos Beach

Probably the best on the island. Vatos has white tall pebbles and crystal clear turquoise waters. If you have a mask, you’ll enjoy the wonderful bottom of the sea on this beach. It is surrounded by high cliffs and the only way to reach it is with the excursion boats that make the round of the island. In this way, of course, you will have the opportunity to admire the impressive waterfall of Kremastos that ends in the sea. I’m sure you don’t know it’s the largest waterfall in the Mediterranean Sea.

Pachia Ammos Beach

Three special beaches of Samothraki for alternative vacations

The beach of Pachia Ammos is located at the southernmost point of the island and is equally impressive. It is not too far from the port and is easily accessible by car. It is the most famous beach in Samothraki. It is not accidental since it is the only beach on the island that is covered with sand. It also has crystal clear and blue waters.

Kipos Beach

Kipos Beach is at the north of the island, not far from Therma. In addition to the beach itself, you will also enjoy a dreamy coastal route. The sandy beach itself has clear water, grey pebbles and also a fantastic view of Imbros island. Is there anything better?