Perhaps the most warm beach in Greece

If you belong to those people who do not enter the sea if it is not warm, then there is a beach that will become your favourite one. It is located in Euboea and, of course, it is the beach Of Therma Loutra. What makes the beach special is that the temperature of the water as it gushes from the spring is more than 60 degrees. This means that the sea is generally warm for the most part and has warm waters all year round.

The beach of Therma Loutra is located in the village of Ilia. It is a small fishing village, located next to Loutra of Edipsos, in the North Euboean bay. This picturesque fishing village is 98 km from Chalkis, (the capital city of Euboea) and less than 30 km from the Lake of Euboea. What is known and makes the village stand out, is that the waters of Ilia are gushing from transformed rocks that are located almost at sea level.

The water runs under the gravel of the coast. You can tell by its colour. It is reddish since the red sediment is deposited in it by the contact it has with the sea and by the increased temperature.

Another characteristic of it is that when you approach the fountain, the sea temperature rises. Due to the fact that the water is mixed, areas with a large temperature difference are created.

If you want to visit it, it would be better for you not to expect any organization. You should also remember, that the beach has pebbles and deepens quite steeply. That’s why you should have an umbrella and all the necessities you might need. Next to the gushing warm waters, there is a shower for your convenience.

How to get to Therma Loutra beach

The beautiful Greek beach that permanently has warm waters

If you do not want to make the enchanting but with many turns route through Euboea, you can use the National Road of Athens – Lamia. From there you will pass from Arkitsa to Edipsos. If you choose the first route, when you find yourself on the National Road of Chalkida – Edipsos and meet the sign Ilia, you turn left if you’re coming from Chalkida. In a few meters, you will arrive at the beach of Ilia. The beach Of Therma Loutra is located about 600 meters to the left. The Greek beach that has permanently warm waters is in front of you…