In Santorini’s volcanic soil lies the secret of its splendid wines

Santorini’s breath-taking views are not the only thing that makes the island famous. In recent years, it’s the island’s wine that has made a name for itself outside the Mediterranean, and that name is well deserved. Santorini’s Assyrtiko, the white wine for which the island has become known, is the island’s essence in a bottle.

Some Santorini wineries are perched on the edge of the volcano rim. Some even include museums showing how wine has been produced through the ages, while others exhibit art, but all of them have tables where you can enjoy wine-tasting in style, along with a few delicacies such as sun-dried tomatoes and fava bean puree.

There’s also a traditional grape-treading establishment where people line up every August for the sheer pleasure of squishing grapes in a vat, destined for the popular Vinsanto label. Do not forget to buy a bottle and enjoy a glass of Assyrtico in your hotel room, or at the villa that you rent on the island. It is always a great idea to get a WINERY TOUR so you can see them all.