What you’re about to encounter doesn’t exist anywhere else in the world.

The Sporades is an ideal destination for those who want a peaceful holiday, turquoise waters, and green valeys. Where you will enjoy the traditional hospitality, you will taste nice local flavors and you will meet exotic beaches. One of the islands worth spending a few days relaxing on is Skyros, the island with rare horses. Skyros is the journey you will make and will surprise you pleasantly…

Skyros has all the necessities you will probably need so you won’t miss anything, but it’s not the island that’s going to bore you with its noise. There you will enjoy the relaxation you want to return rested to your base. Morals, customs, and traditions marry with the picturesqueness of the island and the beautiful clean beaches and compose a unique puzzle.

What sets it apart from the other Sporades is that it has managed to maintain its authenticity. The tourist development has not managed to alter any of the traditional characteristics that Skyros has.

On the practical issues, now, and on which beaches we recommend. With closed eyes the quiet and green beach of Pefkos. It may not be the most famous and organized (see beach Magazia) but the experience of swimming there will be unforgettable.

Skyros and rare horses

One of the things Skyros is famous for is its rare horses. They’re a protected species you won’t encounter anywhere else in the world. It is a breed that you have the opportunity to get to know up close when you arrive in Skyros for your holidays. It is a tiny horse with a height of 90 to 110 cm which is very interesting for scientists.Skyros: Trip to the island with rare horses2

Photo Source: Andrew Frey-Lempicki

The Scyrians horses have been making great efforts for years not to endanger this species. Apart from the love they have for them, the ponies are one of the characteristics of the island that have made it known to the whole world.

Don’t forget:

.Skyros: Trip to the island with rare horses

Photo Source: visit-skyros.gr

  • Visit the Archaeological Museum in Chora of the island. It’s one of the most remarkable we’ve come across of its kind.
  • Try Scyrian feta cheese as well as Skyros kefalotyri and Skyros sour cheese. Everything offers you flavors you’ve never tasted before.
  • Take a cruise to Sarakiniko. You’ll take a boat from Pine and reach Glyfada.
  • A dreamy beach with clear waters on the small and uninhabited island of Sarakini that is south of Skyros.
  • Don’t forget that in Skyros there are enough rooms and villas as long as you don’t wait until the last minute to book them.