Luxury holidays with ecofriently facilities and safety

The first thing everyone needs on holiday is a comfort and a pleasant environment to relax. And this year, more than ever, we are all looking for a safe destination and accommodation that will offer us peace and beautiful moments. There is a hotel in Skyros that offers these and much more. Our experience can be summed up in the phrase “A hotel that is a unique holiday experience in itself”.

Nefeli Hotel at the Island of Skyros, it is beyond your expectations

At the Nefeli Hotel, you can decide through different buildings where you want to stay. For example, in The Skyrian houses, in the suites, in a stone house or in villas. Each offers discreet luxury and a sense of comfort. There are several categories of standard rooms, executive, traditional and antique studios, family rooms, suites. We chose the traditional room but in the end, we would have the same sweet memory in any building we had chosen to stay. And that is because each of them is quite neat and has its own style. You can enter the website of the hotel and choose what you prefer. The traditional Skyrian houses are famous for the coolness they offer you and this hotel in Skyros ensures you a quality stay in Skyros.

Next time, however, we will choose the villa for this extra sense of luxury at affordable prices that we can enjoy in Skyros.

What made an additional positive impression on us is the (very large) swimming pool of the hotel which had seawater. It made us feel it was safer for our children. And that because the water in this way is kept naturally free of bacteria. As the hospitable staff explained to us, seawater ensures that salt breaks down into its ingredients by producing natural chlorine at low concentrations. It is a swimming pool that pleasantly surprises people with sensitive skin or chlorine allergy.

When we stayed at the Nefeli Hotel we got lucky for one more reason. The sky was crystal clear and starry. But we didn’t really expect this to be a first-class opportunity for us, but the people of the hotel offered us an astronomical tour! There is a telescope at Nefeli Hotel and on such nights guests can admire such an experience in a truly elegant environment.

In the big pluses of the hotel is the Eco-Friendly mood which is seen everywhere. From the swimming pool which we have mentioned to the traditional Sunday breakfast and the rest of the meals, you can enjoy it. All products come from the ecological farm of the hotel. If you want to eat what we call fresh fruit is very simple as there are fruit trees that someone can cut off even when he is at his room’s balcony. A green hotel with luxurious amenities! Are you thinking of a better combination?

If you now want to take a walk, Nefeli Hotel can give you a bike to get to know the island and to see the famous Skyrian horse up close. And then you will return to the base, to the hotel which is the ideal base for a quiet and safe holiday in Skyros. The issue of safety will be understood when you observe the strict hygiene rules observed in all areas. Relaxation is not assured once you are offered the opportunity to enjoy such a view from your room.

The beautiful Skyros completed the rest of the puzzle and we promised to return there soon…