Turquoise waters in an idyllic environment

Starting from Athens you can find many beaches that they far beyond the usual and look like island beaches. One of them is two hours away from Athens and you can drive there either for being for one day or for a weekend. It is the beach of Heromylos in Evia that will please you. It is a beach of the Aegean for which, however, you do not need to get on a ship to go.

As soon as we first arrived in Heromylos, our first thought was “Here’s like being on a Cycladic island”. Anyone who has been on this beach has the best impressions and not unfairly. It is one of the most beautiful and graphical beaches of Evia, which many people describe as exotic because of the special color of its waters. For most of the beach, there are fine pebbles while on the south side you will find coarse sand.

We arrived there early in the morning since we wanted to visit it as part of our one-day trip to Evia. You can, however, arrange to spend a beautiful weekend in the area and to enjoy swimming both days in Heromylos. It’s a beach that you put in your heart from the first moment and you’ll definitely want to come back.

In terms of its depth, we cannot say that it is a shallow sea. The truth is that the crystal clear waters of this particular beach are sharply deepening. It is advisable to know this in case you want to go with small children as it needs greater attention.

Heromylos: The exotic Aegean beach that you drive from Athens

How to get to The Beach Of Heromylos

Heromylos Beach is located in southern Evia and about two hours from Athens. You can see HERE exactly where it is for the approaches. Arriving in Chalkida you will need about an hour and a quarter to reach Heromylos. You will find it easy to park your car and to enjoy your dives on the beach.

Evia is an ideal destination for either a one-day trip or for a weekend. You will find beautiful and graphical settlements and affordable accommodations to spend a pleasant weekend. It’s so close to Athens that this is the main motivation to book your next excursion immediately.