Wild mountain peaks and rare habitats. Impressive rocks and unique formations of nature. Amazing beauty coastline and endless beaches with the Cretan sea in the background An idyllic landscape that fascinates you every time you’re there. It is, after all, a great fortune to live in a country that has such corners. And of course, we are talking about the Sitia Global Geopark, which was added to UNESCO’s list of geoparks in 2015. A miracle of nature in the eastern part of Crete. You’re in Sitia! Where all the aspects of Greek nature are revealed.

Sitia Geopark, a World Heritage Monument

What makes Sitia Geopark amazing are the unique variations of the natural landscape that offer you sensational experiences and emotions. If you are in the area for holidays, you know that you will explore one of the most special areas of Crete. A mosaic of natural landscapes that combines with a unique harmony the mountain and the sea. It is one of those holidays that you will remember for a lifetime. Not just for the beauty of the landscapes – Which is hard to compare to anything else – but for the fact that you will have managed in a few days to live all kinds of holidays. You’re going to have fun here no matter your age Sitia is, in the same way, enjoyable for kids, couples, groups but also lonely travelers who love exploring.

It is no coincidence that the Sitia Geopark is well known in Crete and in the whole of Greece for the ecosystem it includes. A geotourist destination of infinity beauty that you have to choose if you want to live this different and powerful holiday experience. Your companions are the hospitable residents who are always willing to reveal to you the secrets of their place. If you only hear their advice you will enjoy the fullness of the beauties of this place.

Sitia Geopark includes among other rare species of flora and fauna that are unique in Crete. In an area of 516.7 square kilometers which covers almost the entire area of Sitia you will have the opportunity to wander the Palm Forest of Vai, to see the impressive rocks that nature chiseled them and to swim in the turquoise waters of the coast.

Sitia Geopark has a very rich geo-heritage which is characterized by impressive rocks and rare geomorphs. All of them are the result of what nature has carved for years. There you will also find an important wealth of fossils

Sitia Geopark: A life experience in the sensational monument of nature Holidays – life experience in Sitia Geopark

The Geopark of Sitia is not a natural monument that is unapproachable. It’s a living organism that will offer you a unique life experience There you will be delight by the peace and quietness during your holidays but at the same time, you will be full of the energy that the activities will charge you with. In this traditional corner of Crete, you will feel to the highest degree the hospitality of the locals and you will enjoy all the good of the Cretan land. Your day can start with a swim in crystal clear waters, then get to know the wonders of nature located in the Geopark of Sitia and then live the adventure to the fullest.

In the area, you will find world-famous sites for windsurfing, mapped rock climbing areas, as well as countless canyons and caves. For the bold and demanding who seek adventure. In addition, in the Geopark of Sitia there are road routes, cycling, and hiking or otherwise… geo-paths!

Sitia Geopark: A life experience in the sensational monument of nature1

You’ll live it at the full and at the end of the day you will be able to enjoy the purple sunset that sinks in the Cretan Sea. Try doing the same on one of the exotic beaches of the area. Besides, you won’t want to leave until the sun goes down from there.

Sitia Geopark is the place chosen by guests who want to live the ultimate experience in nature and to enjoy high hospitality facilities. The area creates a desire to come back. There are so many places and sights of nature that you would like to see, so one time visit is never enough.

Sitia Geopark: A life experience in the sensational monument of nature2

Don’t miss:

  • Visit the infinite beauty palm forest of Vai, which is unique to the Mediterranean region.
  • Visit the Zakros Natural History Museum, which reflects the characteristics of the Park’s Natural Environment.
  • Visit the rare beauty rocky beach of Karavopetra (which is the continuation of the long beach of Sitia). This particular beach is named after the rock that the boats used to scratch.

Photo Source: Sitiageopark