Blue waters in a hidden paradise

Traveling a little further from Athens and without need to drive far away you can find amazing beaches that you thought you would only meet on distant islands. Especially Evia is one of the closest destinations that you can find exotic places, sandy beaches, trails, and many options for good food. If you don’t like crowded places and buzz, the area has cozy sandy beaches. Like the secret white sand beach that stands out in Evia. It is Archampolis in southern Evia.

We had heard how beautiful it is and so we decided to go for a weekend in southern Evia to get to know this famous white sand beach. Arhampolis is a beach that will offer you everything you want for a cozy and relaxed day on the beach.

It has blue and clear waters and white soft sand. Just what you’ll find on any other island in Greece. It is a secret beach that has not been discovered by many people and is a small paradise in case you love the sun and the sea. Archampolis is located on the south side of the eastern coastline of Karystia, in Evia.

At the beach of Arhampolis you will enjoy the beauty and the isolation it offers. It really looks like an earthly paradise. There you will see unique landscapes of wild beauty that surround the coast. There is also a gorge and a ravine where a torrent leaked them, which starts from Ochi and ends into a graphic cove.

Evia: The secret beach with the white sandPhoto Source: Google Maps This beach is in the area of Keratea in Attica and it is the ultimate getaway without any exaggeration.

The heavenly picture is complemented by the turquoise waters and the white sand. A dream landscape discovered by few and you can be one of them.

How to get to Arhampolis Beach

In order to reach the beach of Arhampolis by car, you must at some point keep in mind that you will need to walk some paths. The paths Thymi-Arhampolis and Evangelism-Arhampolis. You can, of course, always approach it by boat. No matter how you will be there, you’re going to enjoy it. To see exactly where the location of the beach is, click HERE.

The secret beach in Evia will impress you.