Impressive images from the rock roof

How many places we pass by every day and we can’t imagine the particular history they might be hiding. Things that might have happened hundreds or even thousands of years ago that we don’t know anything about. One such place is just an hour away from Athens. In fact, it is a cave in which extensive research has been carried out by archaeologists and great finds have been discovered. This point is located near Aliartos Viotias and while it is mentioned in the bibliographies as a cave, it is in fact a rock roof that has a small depth. The fact that traces of Homo Sapiens were found in Seindi makes it a place of particular interest.

Many interesting information and detailed descriptions can be found in The Book of Paris Varvarousis entitled “Seindi, Paleolithic settlement in Viotia” (ed. Papazisi). There are many elements for this impressive rock roof which is located next to the highway Thebes – Livadia. It’s only three kilometers east of Aliartou. In the Excavations there in the last century have uncovered Paleolithic remains and Pleistocene fauna of large mammals.

Also in the lower layers of the rock roof were found impressive flint stone carvings as well as traces of fire, mammal bones and teeth, shell remains, and even food scraps of its inhabitants. Some of them have even dated 30,000 before. It is certainly very impressive to have been spotted Homo Sapiens finds so close to Athens.

As mentioned in the book by Paris Varvarousis, the Austrian Josef Fischer stressed that the first excavation material of the Paleolithic era in Greece is due to Seindi In addition, the Canadian archaeologist Nicolas Rolland wrote that this rock roof has“symbolic significance because of the primary knowledge offered by its cultural findings in prehistoric archeology.”

These excavations and the revelation of this rock roof are considered fundamental. With these researches and findings, the map of Greece, which appeared until then without depicting Paleolithic sites, changed substantially.

See stunning images from the spot through the Haanity channel video on Youtube.