Crystal clear, turquoise waters, green landscapes, and a special labyrinthine road network. This is the picture of one of the most beautiful capes in Greece. It is the beautiful peninsula Paximada in Karystos, which is an earthly paradise. Images from above help you understand what this particular puzzle is made of. Karystos, after all, is one of the most beautiful corners of our country.

Paximada Karystos, the beautiful cape from above

Cape Paximada is located southwest of the city of Karystos and is a beautiful corner worth getting to know. The scenery consists of continuous turquoise coves and a double beach. It is Kolona beach which is actually double and you can swim on both sides. The point is to check the direction of the wind to see in which of the two parts there are waves and in which there is calmness so you can choose where you want to enjoy your swimming.

In addition to the beautiful and crystal clear beaches from above we can observe another paradox. The area has a labyrinthine road network made of asphalt and in many places without any houses. Why this is happening? That most of the area belongs to OSMAES (Hellenic Army Permanent Officers’ Building Cooperative) and has the entire road network ready according to its plan of regulation.

Karystos: In which beach are you going to swim?

If you want to dive when you are in the area, we suggest you to visit Agia Paraskevi beach. It is a very beautiful and picturesque beach with wonderful, turquoise, shallow waters. It is not an organized beach but it has a beach bar so you can get everything you need while you enjoy swimming there. You may want to stay even until sunset, and we understand why.

Karystos is very close to Athens so it is an ideal destination for a two-day autumn getaway. The area has organized and affordable accommodations and you will find everything you want to spend in Karystos a quiet weekend.

Check out some images from above from the Video of Youtube’s Haanity channel. The beautiful cape of Karystos will impress you and will surely tempt you to visit it as soon as possible.