The quaint Athinios port welcomes you to Santorini

Santorini, one of the most southern islands of Cyclades, has two ports; the first one is located at Fira (capital of the island) and the other one is called Athinios and is actually the main port of the island. Athinios port is connected with Fira and all villages of the island by bus.

Bus routes from Athinios port are scheduled so as to depart at the time the ferries arrive at Santorini and vice versa. Ferry itineraries differ depending on the season of the year. If you are interested in bus timetables of Santorini, you can check them out at the Fira main square.

During the summer period, ferry itineraries are more frequent and serve all major destinations on the island of Santorini. Athinios can be happily chaotic when a ferry comes in and the legions of holiday makers pour off the boat and into buses and taxis that make the steep climb to the top over a series of hairpin bends, like caterpillars – a fascinating sight.

But after the first hour or so,  Athinios settles back into its lethargic rhythm as excursion yachts come and go quietly, and the tavernas cater to those waiting for the ferry out. Do not forget that among the best accommodation options in Santorini are villas to rent, offering highend amenities.

How to get to the port of Athinios