Discover Santorini by bus, an efficient and sociable mode of transport.

If you don’t have your own car in Santorini, the cheapest and most reliable way of getting around is by bus. The familiar green and white buses are characteristic of the Greek countryside, and their usefulness on the islands is beyond dispute. Santorini bus routes are frequent.

It is easy to get your bearings with the public bus system, making other modes of transportation mostly unnecessary during a Santorini vacation. The main bus station (KTEL SANTORINI) is at Fira, from where there are regular services to the port, airport, Oia and the main villages, with convenient bus stops on the way.

Buses are always on hand to take on arriving ship passengers, and several times a day they can be seen making the journey from the port to the top of the cliff and the area around Fira. The trip from the port to Fira takes about twenty minutes. Oia is about forty-five minutes by bus, which is the longest route on the island.

Fares are cheap, only a few euro for the average trip. Also, travelling by bus is the best way to get to know the locals and their ways. KTEL Santorini Bus system has a good website with schedules, timetables, routes as well as prices. Tickets can be purchased on the bus.