Visit the Megaro Gyzi Cultural Center for a glimpse in Santorini’s past

SANTORINI TOURS: Megaro Gyzi, housing the samename Cultural Center, is one of the few 17th century family mansions to have survived the earthquake of 1956. It was founded in 1980 with the initiative and financial funding of the Catholic Diocese of Santorini. Come to this quiet escape in the town’s north to take in fascinating photographs of Fira before and immediately after the 1956 earthquake, along with a collection of maps, engravings, paintings and 15th-century manuscripts.

Every August for over 25 years, the Cultural Center ‘Megaro Gyzi’ organizes a festival of various cultural events, such as music concerts, painting and photographic exhibitions of well-known artists, theatrical performances, book presentations, attracting the interest of locals and the numerous tourists. The Gyzi mansion is a structure of exceptional beauty and architectural interest, to which (following the 1956 earthquakes) only the basement remained.

How to get to Gyzi Megaron of Thera