Do not miss Finikia, an oasis of tranquillity in the midst of vineyards

Finikia is a picturesque village sculptured into the banks of a torrent and one of the most well-preserved settlements in Santorini. It is a nice alternative to Oia to spend a night at one of its hotels or villas to rent.

White houses and horizontal lines, a delightful calm contrast to the wild passion of the caldera, vineyards and scattered chapels decorated with humble offerings dedicated by old sailors, form the scenery at Finikia. One of the best locations in Finikia is the courtyard of the Agia Matrona church.

From there you can gaze at the lower part of the beautiful village, the sea and the area of Baxedes, or the so-called “Potamoi” (paths that lead the water to the valley in the winter).

Near the Baxedes beach, you will meet the cosy winery of Paris Sigalas. Relax in the yard under the vine and try delicious wine from various grape varieties while gazing at the Aegean!

How to get to Finikia Town