Santorini’s churches offer endless photo opportunities with their blue and white contrasts

With over 250 churches in Santorini, you cannot turn round without viewing yet another beautiful little church just waiting to be photographed. Many of the churches are quite old and out of the way, built by locals in thanks perhaps for a good fish catch or a healthy crop.

You can find them in the unlikeliest places, such as clinging to an impossible rock or nestling inside the odd vineyard. Many have a spotless coat of shimmering blue paint on the cupolas, playing with the deep blue of the sky and sea to form a panorama that has been reproduced endlessly in picture postcards and artists’ canvases.

The monastery of Prophitis Ilias stands on the side of the height of the same name, overlooking the sea to the southeast. It’s a hive of activities, from winemaking to repairing shoes.

The monks don’t mind visitors, and you could get a glass of homemade wine or liqueur, but they tend not to keep regular hours for the public, so it’s wise to make sure the monastery is open before making the climb.