A quiet place with beautiful sea and green landscape

Greece has so many beautiful places that no matter how much you explore it, you will always find something new that steals your heart. Some of not so famous are the ones that touch our hearts the most and we suggest you to visit them. The ones with the least people will provide you alternative and quiet vacations. One of them is the Poulithra in the Peloponnese. Or else… Arcadia at its best. Polithra is a seaside village with crystal clear waters and enough greenery that reminds you of both island and mainland Greece. The ideal choice if you want to get away and to totally isolated.

Poulithra is in the arms of the outskirts of the green Parnora. It lies next to the blue sea which really is beautiful in the summer months. Poulithra is an ideal destination to enjoy a relaxing three days at sea even in September.

This beautiful fishing village is located just outside Leonidio and is one of the few such beautiful seaside villages in Greece that have been left almost untouched by the intense tourist exploitation. Poulithra is a must if you are looking for a holiday without a lot of people, with good food, beautiful nature, and good prices. An economical destination where you don’t even have to use the car so much.

Poulithra: The perfect destination if you want to be isolated

The place is ideal for enjoying nature and the sea. It will empty your mind and you will enjoy landscapes you never even imagined that they exist so close to Athens.

The beach in Poulithra is pebbled with clear, crystal clear waters and as background of the green hill on which the village is located. The Arcadian nature blends harmoniously with the blue Aegean waters and creates a dreamy setting.

Don’t miss

If you find yourself on holiday in Poulithrado not miss to visit the church of Agios Giorgis. It is located on the edge of the village and you can go there by boat. From its beautiful surroundings, you will admire the impressive views of the sea and the village.