There are some destinations near Attica that are particularly popular and dear. And there’s a reason for that. These places gather everything you want to relax and rest and fill batteries even through a weekend. One of these destinations is Porto Heli or the “Riviera of the Peloponnese”. A nearby and ideal destination especially for the weekend.

The cosmopolitan Porto Heli is a favorite destination, especially in summer time. This closed natural cove is ideal for swimming, strolling, and also for its good food in its shopping. It is no coincidence that famous people and celebrities are flocking for a journey of relaxation and tranquility.

In Porto Heli you will find initially blue-green and exotic, crystal clear beaches. There you will find either organized beaches with all amenities but also seclusion so you can choose according to what suits you best. What is certain is that you will enjoy crystal clear and clean waters. One of the most famous and beloved is Hinitsa beach. Where you will swim are turquoise waters and you will lay on the golden sand. If you prefer pebbled beaches, you’ll need to visit Kounoupi Beach. From Costa Beach, now, you’re going to take a swim with a view of Spetses island. Are you thinking of something better?

Around the seaside, you will see the sailing boats and various boats anchoring. On the other hand, the luxury resorts and villas are showing you the cosmopolitan character of the area. From the beautiful beaches, you will have the opportunity to admire green landscapes and an elegant settlement that stretches in front of you.

It is where you can take your walks for coffee or food or where you can have a drink in a cosmopolitan environment.

Porto Heli and the ancient city of Fishermen

Porto Heli has actually been built on the ruins of the settlement of Fishermen. How did he get its name? One of the old inhabitants of the place who were seashell (murex shell) fishermen out of which were dying colors for fabrics were produced. Heli, is just a gradual linguistic corruption of the name, in Hali-is, and then in the name, we know it today. Then it got the nickname “Porto” because he had a port.

The ancient city of Fishermen was built directly opposite the current settlement, and its Acropolis was located at the top of the hill.

How to get to Porto Heli

The famous Porto Heli has located 85 km from the city of Nafplio, in the south of the prefecture of Argolida. Access is very easy and fast. One of the main reasons is that it is an ideal destination for the weekend.

To enjoy, before you go, an air ride to Porto Heli, you can watch the video from the Travel Inspiration channel on Youtube.