A heaven on earth that is unforgettable to you

When a beach is called… Pisina (pool) you realize that probably what you will encounter once you are there will exceed your expectations just for a good beach. And the beach Pisina in Sivota is definitely one of those beaches that will be unforgettable. Crystal clear waters that refer you to an exotic destination. The scenery is complemented by white sand and pebbles. This dreamy beach can be found on the small uninhabited island called Mavronoros or Mourtos.

Pisina beach is framed with crystal clear turquoise waters that are actually transparent. It is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful beaches not only in Greece but also in Europe. And of course, its name isn’t just random. In order to reach the Pisina, you will have to take a boat and pass to the undying island of Sivota of Thesprotia.

As soon as you get there, you’ll see the unique backgrounds of turquoise waters and lush scenery. And I’m sure you’ll want to dive in the first minute you get there. And you’ll feel like you’re in a normal pool but with seawater. Observing the bottom of the sea it would be a unique experience.

You will also be surprised at the number of marine plants that stand out in the water like large dark spots in the open blue waters. Most of it, however, is crystal clear blue and you’ll enjoy it. There’s no man who went to that beach and was unmoved. Neither do we, of course. It is with confidence one of our favorite blue beaches in Greece.

The images from the Travel Inspiration channel of Youtube will give you an insight into the beauty of this beach.

And since you will find yourself on the island of Mourtos which is small but miraculous, you must definitely visit the “cave of pirates”. There you will see impressive and elaborate stalactites on the roof.

If you’ve never swum in a cave before, then this is a unique experience. It is to the west of the small island and essentially wide open to the sea. Many myths and legends accompany this cave. And it’s no coincidence that dozens of pirate ships used to take refuge in its arms.