Admire the stunning scenery from above…

Huge coastline, green valley, wild mountain beauty, and locations full of history and attractions. These generally make up the frame of Greece. A country that, its diversity, has everything that makes it unique. Not only in Europe but around the world. Some of these sites stand out for their particularity and history. As is an otherwordly and deserted landscape in the Peloponnese. A place of giant rocks that fascinates you. The images from above are extremely impressive. One of the strange places in Greece that leaves you speechless.

The otherwordly desert landscape with giant rocks in Greece

The scene you will see in the impressive video of the Haanity channel on Youtube is located, as we said, in the Peloponnese and specifically above the area of Agios Nikolaos in Laconia. You’ll find it close to Kavo Malea. It is the legendary cape with the wild sea. And of course, it can only be a place that enchants you. Certainly the images from above are much more impressive.

This deserted and mysterious landscape is essentially a large area in which few shrubs grow. Its territory is rocky and deserted. There are, in fact, huge rocks that weigh many tons. And they’re literally in the middle of nowhere. Of course, they cannot be moved by the human hand so you can only admire them. One of the strange places in Greece that impresses us even if we see it through a video.

The diversity of Greek nature is so great that it always surprises and excites us. That’s why we love to explore it and discover its well-hidden secrets!

Enjoy the flight over this special part of the Peloponnese…