The impressive lake of the Peloponnese

Rich history mixed with myth and legend. Landscapes of unique beauty that take you to another Greece that you may not have imagined. All this composes the scene you will see in the so-called Greek “Loch Ness” of myths and legends. It’s Lake Stymphalia that has a lot of secrets to reveal to you. A part of Greece that few know is home for a unique fish in the world. The images from above enchant you.

Lake Stymphalia is one of the few mountain lakes of the Peloponnese and has really special beauty. Nature has placed it at 680 meters altitude on a plateau. No matter what time you’re there, you’ll be impressed by the scenery. In spring and summer the colors rivet you while in winter the lake is framed by the snowy peaks of Ziria and Oligytos.

To reach the lake you will go through green landscapes that prove to you that many times the route of a destination can be just as beautiful. These semi-mountainous landscapes with coniferous forests, oaks and walnut trees as well as plane trees joined by thyme and lavender lead you to the beautiful lake Stymphalia.

Around the lake scattered villages make their appearance and wait for you to show you what it’s like to live in a traditional Greece. Small and well-groomed accommodations, taverns, and a quiet environment close to nature. You’ll walk around the villages and drink running water from the springs. Kionia and Matsiza, Kyllini, Kalliani, Psari, Asprokabos, Kefalari, and Kasari are some of the settlements you can visit.

The Stymphalia of Myths and Legends

The Greek lake “Loch Ness”, the lake of myths and legends has a lot to tell you. But one is the most important. Its connection to one of Hercules’ best-known feats. It is said that he removed with a bang the menacing Stymphalides Hens that inhabited the marshes. Also the same area, however, still haunts today the myth about the tomb of King Aipytos, brother of Stymphalos, the first settler of the area.

Did you know that?

Another interesting thing that many do not know concerns a species of endemic fish that lives only in Lake Stymphalia. It is the Phoxinellus Stymfalicius. You will see it at the lake’s drought periods in the mudwater while it forms a slippery mud cover around its body. It belongs to the endangered species and is therefore mentioned in the EU ‘red book’, along with other animals and plants in the area.

Impressive images of Lake Stymphalia from above give us the Channel Up Drones of Youtube.