See the stunning images from above

Looking at Greece from above you may discover things and events you didn’t even imagine. Stories that have been forgotten or they are unknown. This is the story of the Turkish shipwreck which has been close to a Greek beach for years. It is the Captain Ishmael Chaki, a cargo ship. It had sunk close to Laconia, at the on one of the most dangerous capes, the Kavos Malia. Close to a Greek beach. Its story is interesting.

Captain Ishmael Chaki: The unknown Turkish shipwreck close to a Greek beach

The ship Captain Ishmael Chaki is located submerged in the bay of Agia Marina northeast of Cape Zovolos. As mentioned in the Haanity channel of Youtube that has made the impressive shots it is a boat of about 30 meters which was carrying over 500 tons of iron ore and a season car.

It is believed that due to a sea disturbance, the ship sank on 30 January 1978 and is currently at a depth of 12 meters. The images from above are impressive. The ship belonged to the company Deval Shipping Group and was named after the second owner of the company Ishmael Chaki. He was the man who turned all of his company’s steamships into diesel. It is possible, that this particular ship of the wreck was the first Turkish to be converted into diesel.

By clicking HERE you can see images from Google Maps and how the wreck looks from above.

There’s also a story about rescuing the people who were on board. It is said, then, that people were saved thanks to the observation of a shepherd who was in Agia Marina at that time. The shepherd lit fires on the only sandy beach in the area and so directed the castaways that way. It is even said that the castaways as a sign of gratitude for saving them gave their boat to the farmers of the region.

A shipwreck close to the beach

The Turkish shipwreck is very close to a beautiful beach in the area. It is the beach of Agia Marina (Petrified Forest) which is of pristine beauty and very special. It is an exotic beach that certainly does not have the easiest access. However, the landscape will reward you in the area and is also suitable for diving. You can see here  where it is. You will see fossilized shells and scallops in a landscape of unparalleled beauty.