The hidden diamond [beach] in Attica

If there is one thing that makes Attica stand out in the summer it is its hidden beaches that you can enjoy cool dives and relaxing moments. Some of them may be difficult to spot, but the sure thing is that they will excite you and become… Your hangout. One of these beaches is located in Sounio and is called Pasalimani. It’s really a little diamond worth exploring.

Pasalimani beach with clear waters

Pasalimani beach is what we call the hidden beach of Attica. It is difficult to locate this beach because the bay is well hidden from Sounio Avenue. It is worth following the detour and cross the settlement of Pasha Souniou until you reach the waves. You may hear its being called port of Pasha as this is how its name was created.

There you will see crystal clear waters, sandy coast and a unique view. Its going to <pin> you down from the first moment than you’re there. Most likely you won’t find people there at the weekend, and especially on weekdays the residents of the local settlement are there.

tranquility and serenity offered by Pasalimani beach, at the same time it is not an organized beach. That’s why you’re going to have to carry the essentials with him before you get there for your dives. To make it easy to locate it, you can click here and see exactly where it is on the map. If you know the route, then it’s simple…

In generally Sounio is full of beauties and beaches that win you at first glance. Apart from beaches like the beach that has Pasalimani,there are other beaches that are bigger and better known. Make a few stops on the coastal road and find the beach that fits you .

Pasalimani: The beach where you can do your dives