Platis Gialos is a popular beach offering all kinds of amenities

Platis Gialos as its name declares in Greek, is the longest stretch of beach on the island and yet another popular spot 4 km south of Chora. Through the years, the area has become more cosmopolitan, lined with posh hotels, villas to rent, restaurants and water sports centers for younger crowds. A fully organized beach with comfortable sunbeds, umbrellas and beach-side service, Platis Gialos is also an ideal spot to lay back, enjoy an ice cold drink and watch the action.

Featuring crystal clear waters, Platis Gialos is lined with lively beach bars and all kinds of eateries ranging from traditional fish taverns to hip restaurants, some of which offer live music at night. From here, you can take a boat trip to other beaches in Mykonos like Paranga, Paradise and Super Paradise or, for the seaman at heart, you can rent a boat to make your own day trips too.

How to get to Platis Gialos Beach