The Greek islands hide rare beauties and charming corners waiting for you to explore them. Unique beauty beaches, gastronomic surprises, paths and green landscapes with trees that reach to the sea. Some islands stand out for some of their features such as their beaches, churches or other attractions. One of the islands that stands out for its beaches is the island of Kythera. Kyriakoulou beach is a secluded dream beach that definitely stands out in Kythera.

Kyriakoulou beach in Kythera

Kyriakoulou beach looks like a divine gift to Kythera. It is a beach which seems as if no one has ever visited it. It is a unique landscape as it is only accessible by boat. Its location is on the south side of Kythera between the picturesque Kapsali village and the beach of Chalkos. The first impression of the beach will excite you, but so will your entire stay in Kythera. It’s definitely one of the beaches you will want to visit in your lifetime and revisit many times while there.

While there, you’ll understand why you’re going to be fascinated by the landscape. Once the boat approaches to the beach you will notice a magical environment. The size of Kyriakoulou beach is very small and sheltered as it is located in a tiny rocky bay. The place is ideal for tranquility and relaxation as it consists of white pebbles with a little sand but also of crystal clear green waters.

Photos can give you an idea, but you’ll definitely understand the magic of the landscape and the environment while there. The dives there certainly can’t be compared to everything you’ve imagined.

How to get to Kyriakoulou beach

Kyriakoulou beach is located in the right bay after the cape between Chalkos and Kapsali village. In addition to the access by sea, you can also approach it from the gorge that starts from the cave of Agia Sophia near Kalamos and which at the end before the beach creates a small pond. However, getting from the sea is easier and more idyllic.

Holidays in Kythera

Kyriakoulou: The deserted beach with the strange name in Kythira Photo Source: Comzeradd

Kythera is one of the Ionian Islands that offers you strong emotions even though it seems to be in the shadow of the rest big islands of the Ionian Sea. If you choose it for your vacation, you will definitely return rested and full of new experiences and images.

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