A surprise destination an hour and a half away from Athens

If you like short and easy getaways close to Athens, there are some destinations that if you haven’t discovered yet then you should. Like, for example, an island so close that it can give you very strong emotions and you will definitely spend a good time. It is the island with 92 beaches close to Athens. Which is   Kythnos! A surprise island with a… colored country and good aesthetics. A place where you’re going to have a good time even if you’re going on a weekend.

Kythnos is an island that provides you with affordable and quality holidays. You can easily reach it from Lavrio in 1.5 hours and the cost of the ticket is only 15 euros. Once you arrive you will start from the port, Mericha, enjoy your walks and eat in very attentive shops and taverns.

The rhythms flow quietly and you won’t find much noise and crowds. It is an ideal destination for all types of travelers. You’re going to have a good time whether you’re going as a couple, a family, or a company.

Kythnos with its 92 beaches

One of the strong cards of the island is its beaches. It also has 92 beaches to choose from. Kythnos has what we call beaches for all tastes. There are beaches perfectly organized but also the ones which are quieter. Just choose what you want.

The island with 92 beaches next to Athens

The island with 92 beaches next to Athens

One of the most famous beaches is Kolona. And not only in the Cyclades but all over Greece. Kolona beach is actually a strip of sand that divides the sea in half, into two sandy beaches. Whether you look at it from above or up close, the phenomenon is impressive. Apart from that, Kythnos has other very beautiful beaches. If you prefer the quietest situations and take a relaxed and enjoyable swim in crystal clear waters then you have to go to the small sandy Martinakia. For more organized dives in crystal clear waters and fine sand, you should go to Episkopi or Apokrousi. These are also the only organized beaches of the island.

If you are now looking for absolute silence beaches you can visit the beaches of Skilou, Gaidouromantra, Simousi in the southeast and Mavrianos and Stifos in the southwest of the island. Kythnos has many options.

The island with 92 beaches next to Athens

Whatever you choose, you’ll definitely enjoy your swim in clear waters and spread out sandy beaches.

Kythnos is the island you won’t go there just once …