Turquoise waters in a landscape like a dream

In an idyllic setting, green and taken out like the pages of a fairy tale, there is a dream beach. A secret beach in Nymph Bay that fascinates you from the first moment. The reason for Alypa beach in Laconic Mani which is a gem of nature. The images speak for themselves but surely only when you are there can you understand the greatness of nature. It looks like an exotic beach of a distant island but it is actually in mainland Greece and you can approach it much more easily than you imagine.

Alypa: The secret beach in Nymph Bay

Alypa beach is on the island of Laconic Mani, in Nymph bay, and is a small diamond in a green landscape. With an area of only 250 meters, this beach stands out for its crystal clear waters and the fact that it is not more widely known. That means you can even take a swim on your own. It’s like a private beach. Of course, it’s not an organized beach so if you want to stay for hours and not just to take a dive, you have to have with you all the necessities.

You may have seen Alypa Beach before on the big screen. This is because this crystal-clear beach was previously filmed in a blockbuster of the American cinema Tempest directed by John Cassavetti. This dreamy landscape was chosen for the shooting of this particular film.

And you will understand why when you see up close the blue and transparent waters that shine under the sun. The swimming there is in itself a unique experience.

How to get to Alypa Beach

To see exactly where Alypa Beach is, you can click HERE. This lovely beach is hidden somewhere among imposing Pyrgochoria Once you arrive you will see the white pebbles in combination with the crystal clear waters and you will want to stay there until the evening.

See stunning images from above through the video of Angelos Arnautelis’ Youtube channel.