A place full of history, close to Athens

We may have left it behind in the summer, but in autumn it is also offered for an excursion to one of the beautiful Greek islands. Surely some are offered much more than others and have the air of peace and quietness that you want this season to offer you. You leave behind the summer rush and you enter at a calmer pace but always in the company of the serenity of the sea. One such island worth going on an autumn weekend is the Hydra. It’s got it all, it’s within walking distance of Athens, and having a good time is guaranteed.

Hydra: The ideal island for an autumn weekend

The first thing that wins you over in Hydra is how picturesque an island it is. It’s what you feel before you even set foot on the island while you’re still on board. It is no coincidence that it is a favorite destination of lovers. You know that with this quaintness you’re going to have a romantic weekend.

If you find yourself in September in Hydra you will see the other side, the least touristic and the most retro. The one that has always fascinated artists and arrived there all year round to walk in its alleys and admire its endless blue. And I’m sure you’ll do both of them. You will also swim in clear blue waters. Which to note is even warmer at this time of year.

The Lady of Argosaroikos is also waiting for you, with several sights. Initially, in all corners of the port of Hydra, you will see all over the long naval history of the island. Cannons that still mark the Aegean Sea. Houses of admirals and captains. The residence of rebels against the Turks such as Miaoulis and Kountouriotis (greek heroes), who lived on this island.

Photo Source: Nikos Laskaridis

Is there anything more charming than spending an autumn weekend into an island with such history? On this island of Argosaroikos where the film “Boy on a Dolphin” was filmed with Sophia Loren. On this island loved (and not unfairly) by Onassis, Callas, Rex Harrison, Peter Ustinov, Leonard Cohen, Eric Clapton, Rolling Stones… Along with the greats of Arts: Picasso, Sagal, Miller.

Hydra has it all to motivate you. It is close to Athens so it is offered for just two days trip. It is a place with a rich history and special beauty that continues to charm after the summer.

Don’t forget

  • Try the famous and delicious dessert Amigdalota.
  • Definitely visit the Historical Archive – Museum of Hydra. It operates daily and it has important museum relics, archival material, and a library with valuable publications.

External photography source: ydra.gov.gr