Seitan Limania Beach

Seitan Limania: An amazing landscape with a stunning beach

Seitan Limania beach is 22 km southeast of Chania, the road to the beach stops before the steep path and once you park your vehicle, the landscape will amaze you.

From there a short but very steep path descends to the beach. To get down, make sure you have athletic shoes with you and never wear slippers.

Surprisingly, the narrow, tiny beach with the deep blue waters is one of the most stunning beaches in Crete. But make sure to visit as earlier you can and carry your own umbrella and some water.

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Balos Beach

The marvelous Balos Beach-lagoon will enchant you

The world-famous Balos Beach-lagoon is about 56 kilometers west of Chania. To reach at it you can drive or you can go by boat, if you decide to drive you will have to park before the beach and walk about 1 km path. If you go by boat you will have less time to spend on this marvelous beach.

Hiking down the path you will see this miracle of nature, It is a shallow sandy beach formed between Hersonissos Gramvousa and the smaller Cape Tigani, the wild natural beauty and exquisite exotic landscape will enchant you.

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Kedrodassos Beach

A peaceful paradise beach, which reminds tropical beaches

The peaceful beach of Kedrodasos, is located 76 kilometers southwest of Chania and just one kilometer west of the famous lagoon in Elafonissi.

When you park on the dirt road, then you have to descend a downhill trail. At the end of this you start the cedar forest you need to cross to reach the beach which has white sand and reminds of tropical beaches.

There is no infrastructure nearby, and this secluded beach is one of Europe’s last untouched paradise. The forest above Kedrodasos beach covers a large area ideal for camping and is one of the most popular beaches of nudists.

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Elafonisi Beach

The exquisite beach of Elafonisi will make you believe you are in the paradise.

The beach of Elafonisi is located in the southwest part of the island and consequently in the prefecture of Chania. It is about 75 km from the city of Chania and the route is a little strange due to the tightness of the roads in some places. However, it is worth visiting due to its rare and wonderful beauty.

This exquisite beach forms a lagoon in its middle, which takes off its unique beauty. The beach is organized and you will find that you need it in the shops and the cafe-bar. The white-pink sand of the beach along with its crystal waters will make you believe you are in the paradise.

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Frangokastello Beach

Frangokastello is a fantastic beach ideal for families

Frangokastello beach, is a fantastic beach with shallow turquoise waters 80 km south of the city of Chania. during your transfer to the beach, pay attention to the ride because there are some steep turns due to mountain, but it is worth visiting.

Ideal solution for families and individuals who want easy and comfortable access to the beach, in some places organized services are offered, but in its widest range is free.

There is plenty of parking right behind the beach and a great selection of dining venues. You can also visit the fortress on the seashore.

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Falasarna Beach

The majestic beach of Falasarna will enchant you

The majestic beach of Falasarna is 59 km west of Chania and 17 km west of Kissamos. You can reach Falasarna by bus from Chania and Kissamos.

It extends to a very large area and consists essentially of 5 consecutive beaches, the sand is light-colour, giving the water a tropical color, you will be enchanted by the sea and its blue-green waters.

There is a large number of umbrellas and some snack-bars where you can buy the necessary ones, there are also services for water sports and beach volleyball.

It usually has waves due to air so if you are a windsurfer this beach is suitable for you.

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