The islands of the Cyclades, apart from beautiful beaches and picturesque landscapes, also have villages that give you the traditional island way of life. Large or smaller, the villages of Cyclades islands are all you need to spend a relaxing holiday, enjoy new flavors and relax in picturesque accommodations. One of the settlements of Naxos which stands out is the village It’s a Halki. A semi-mountainous village that takes you back in time with its tradition and elegance. It capture you from the first moment.

Naxos and the village of Halki

Halki is one of the most beautiful and attentive villages of Naxos that will win you from the first moment you visit it. It is a completely different image of the Cyclades that makes you see with a different look the blue of the sea and the sandy beaches. The ideal walk after the sea swim is to enjoy your food, coffee or a dessert.

Halki village will be found in the wider area of Tragaia in the semi-mountainous part of the island. It is distinguished for its fertile soil because of the many olive groves that exist in the area, as well as for the carefully detailed architecture of the houses that have been built in the course of time.

According to history, Halki village has always been an urban area as it was distinguished for the wealth and social status of its inhabitants. Many people who were recognized as judges or lawyers in Naxos, came from Halki and the surrounding areas.

Because of this aura, Halki had been transformed into a great commercial center in the past. This is distinguished by the neoclassical style in the buildings of the village where the old mansions even today they stand out. Beautiful buildings with tiles, classic balconies, and paved courtyards. Courtyards manicured with flowery flowers and whitewashed that exude cleanliness. These beautiful images will make you not want to stop walking through the village over and over. And I’m sure you’ll fill your Instagram stories with perfect pictures.

What will you see in the beautiful Halki village

Halki is the typical traditional island village that the island of Naxos has. If you happen to choose Naxos for a holiday, you must get to know it in person. If you find yourself there you will notice that there are many small stylish shops with local handmade sweets or works of art. Equally beautiful are the cafes and shops where you will enjoy special flavors and rest under the shade, the coolness of the trees, and the beauty of neoclassical buildings.Special mention is worth visiting the distillery-museum Valindra in which the local and unique drink Citron is created. Make a stop and try it and you’ll remember us!

Finally, if you want to continue the excursion to the area, you can head to the orthodox church of Panagia Drosiani, just outside the village of Halki or head further north towards its village.

Naxos (and the village of Halki) is an island that pleases all its visitors of all ages. What is certain is that you will spend a beautiful and relaxing holiday, swim in clean blue beaches and experience special local gastronomy. What else is better?

External photography source: Kategiam