Easy ways to master how to count in Greek from 1 to 100

This video will teach you how to count in Greek. Ena, dio,tria and there you are! You have learned to count in Greek up to three. We will divide the numbers into two groups. In the first group, the numbers one through twelve are: mia (for female nouns and persons) or ena for 1, dio for 2, tria for 3, tesera for 4, pede for 5, exi for 6, efta for 7, okto for 8, enea for 9, deka for 10, edeka for 11 and dodeka for 12.

In the second group, the multiples of ten, from ten to a hundred are: deka for 10, ikosi for 20, triada for 30, sarada for 40, penida for 50, exida for 60, evdomida for 70, ogdoda for 80, enenida for 90 and ekato for 100. All other numbers are formed by saying the multiple of ten and the number of the second digit, much like in English. Let’s translate a few numbers to practice. Let’s translate the number 25. The Greek word for twenty is ikosi and the word for five is pede. So you put these together and we’ll get 25: ikosi-pede which is the Greek word for 25.

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