Important Info about your Transactions during Your Holidays in Greece.

Money and currency tips for the visitor in Athens and Greece in general.

Europe was an ancient Greek princess, mother of the King Minos of Crete, so it is only natural that the currency in Greece is the euro! If you arrive from a non-euro area you will need to convert your currency to euros. There are several options for locations to exchange money, just make sure that you bring your passport as you need it anytime you exchange currency.

At the airport you will find banks, ATMs, and currency exchange booths in the Arrivals area. Travellers’ checks and credit cards issued by major companies are also widely accepted in Athens and all over Greece. Personal bank checks however are not widely used in Greece and are not generally accepted in shops and supermarkets. When exchanging money, ask whether you will pay a straight commission, percentage commission, and what exchange rate will be used. Most banks will charge a flat fee and use the exchange rate issued that day by the central Bank of Greece.